About Schapenheld

Hello, I am Stijn Hilgers, shepherd and owner of Schapenheld (the Dutch word for ‘sheep hero’). We are a small-scale, socially involved and sustainable company. We also offer a place for care recipients, where they are fully appreciated, so that they feel loved and regain some self esteem.

There is a lot happening at Schapenheld and we would like to convey this. The website provides a lot of information about what Schapenheld does and what you can do with or for Schapenheld. Our company has been running for about 15 years now and we are always looking to innovate to run an independent shepherd company in an ever-changing market.

Schapenheld produces Slow Food products, Slow Food is a global organization that promotes honest and authentic flavors and protects them from obscurity by including them in “the Ark Van De Smaak” (or in English: the Arc of Flavour). The Kempen Lamb and Chaamse Fowl are included in the Ark Van De Smaak.

Throughout the year we make photos of various activities at Schapenheld. We also show as much as possible of what is happening around our company. For example: you can now take a look at the butcher who processes the meat of the lambs for us into Schapenheld Slow Food products.

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